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What does 'Kosher' mean?

Many Hebrew and Yiddish words are multi-conceptual. Therefore to dilute into a single word for word translation often results in a bit of a loss in the idea but essentially means fit or compliant. In a conversation we will use various forms of the word:

  • Kasher (kosher/koshering/ kashering) meaning to make kosher i.e. fit.
  • To kasher meat is to make the meat fit for consumption in accordance with kosher laws by submerging in ambient water for 30 minutes followed by covering the meat on a wire rack or inclined board with “kosher” salt, a coarse grain salt for 60 minutes followed by a thorough flush rinse. All to remove blood forbidden by our Torah laws.
  • To kasher a pot used to cook meat inadvertently used to cook a dairy item by means of scrupulously cleaning the affected pot, then leaving dormant for 24 hours followed by over-boiling the pot filled full to the top.
  • Kosher as in kosher chicken: To describe kosher breed of chicken or a post slaughtered chicken, slaughtered according to kosher law and found to be upon post slaughter inspection to have healthy/ unperforated organs as well as unbroken limbs which would disqualify ( traif) the specimen.
  • Kosher certification.
  • Kashrus/ kashruth/ kashrut: having to do with the general concept or body of knowledge.

What does the symbol on the upper right corner of the home page mean?

It’s simply the Hebrew letters read from right to left: Bais, Somach, Daled, which basically means With Heaven’s Help. Something we do at the top of letters, notes, etc. as a self-reminder for hope and faith in Who’s pulling the strings in all of creation. We have always delighted in the fact that all U.S. currency essentially and proudly declares this as well.

Why don't other kosher agencies do what you do?

I honestly can’t speak for them but I have found that to do what Chicago Kosher Consulting does as well as certify ingredients and products would:

  • Add dollars to their kosher program cost to their client on a regular basis, not just as needed.
  • At times it is a conflict of interests. You may need to make a decision that your present certifier may not like such as changing to another certification.

I see you don't list companies you have worked with.

That’s because I work behind the scenes, confidentially. It’s largely a part of an unwritten code of ethics the kosher certifiers adhere to. And although they do get permission to show off their prominent world class clients on their home sites, my vast majority of assignments and clients, small and mega-sized have been by request and recommendation not advertising. The primary purpose of this site is to act as a portal to contact Chicago kosher Consulting and provide an information platform to help you decide if we may be of service to you today or in the future. All brought to you without pop-up ads, gimmicks or distracting random links.

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